Monday, November 30, 2009

Leroy's Kitty Bonnet Pattern

Leroy's Kitty Baby Bonnet

For the furry infant
in your life :)

Starlight here {right} is the other inspiration for this we are hoping to change this habit before our first grandbaby gets here in a couple of months.

I used worsted weight yarn and a size g hook. For Leroy's bonnet I used purple and white for the trim. Please read the part that says attention at the bottom – I'm sure we all love our furry children and don't want anything to happen to them.

Please keep in mind this is Leroy sized he is a big boy – only in size though LOL. He weighs about 15 pounds and is not chunky so if you have a smaller cat you will need to adjust the hook size. If I get the time later I will write a pattern adjusted for a smaller furbaby.

dc-double crochet
yo-yarn over
dec dc-yo draw up loop in next stitch , yo draw through 2 loops, yo draw up loop in next stitch yo and draw through all loops on hook.

With purple or desired color chain 33.Dc in the 4th stitch from hook. Dc across.31 stitches including the first chain.
Row 2 – 4: Dc in each stitch across, chain 3 turn.
Row 5: Dc in 1st dc, dec dc 2x, ch 3 turn. Dec dc in next 2 stitches, dc in turning chain. Fasten off.
Attach at other end & chain 3.Dc in next stitch, dec dc 2x, ch 3 turn. Dec dc in next 2 stitches , dc in last stitch. Ignore chain 3. Fasten off.
Skip next 6 stitches, join in 7th empty stitch & chain 3.Dc in next 6 stitches, ch 3 turn.Dc in each stitch. Fasten off.
Holding piece flat join in 1st stitch. It should look like the "image" below:
1st stitch is the back slash
/ll lllllll ll\

Dc in each stitch across ignoring skipped stitches in the rows below. This will make it bunch up and give it ear holes :) You should have 13 stitches counting chain 3 as 1st. Chain 2 turn.
Dec dc across, dc in last stitch. Chain 1 turn. (8 stitches)
The last “row” will be one big stitch. Pull up a loop in each of the 1st 2 stitches, * yo & pull up loop in next stitch, yo and pull through 2 loops, repeat from 8 3x. Yo and pullup loop in each of next 2 stitches, yo & pull through all. Chain 1 to finish stitch. Fasten off. Weave in all your ends.
Starting at bottom right corner with right side facing you join trim color yarn – I used white,2 single crochets in corner stitch Sc evenly around “brim” of bonnet,3 single crochet in other corner and even across the bottom and 1 more in the starting stitch. I used approximately 2 single crochets per end of row,3 stitches in each of the 2 bottom corners and evenly across bottom of bonnet.
Starting again at bottom right corner – you should be right there otherwise fasten off and join in bottom right corner: 3 dc in each stitch across “brim” part to the bottom left corner to make the little brim. Fasten off and weave in ends.
Now make a chain the desired length to go around neck and allow for a bow. You can either make a length of chains stitches or even make a length of chain stitches and go back and sc in each across to make a thicker chain. The way I like to do it is a little different. Chain 2 then make a single crochet in the back loop of the first chain.
Then take your hook and single crochet in the side of the first one like this tl where the t is is the bar you crochet over. Keep doing a single crochet in the side of the previous single crochet until you have the desired length. I find that this makes a nice solid tie and looks pretty too. Run your tie through the bottom {1st purple row} and pull slightly to gather bottom of bonnet.
Put on your furfriends head:)

Please don't leave this on your friend unattended as bad things could happen. You never know what kitties will do :(
This is mainly for those camera moments or dress up.


This pattern may be freely shared :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

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